Cole Pulice + Bride

silent green presents

Cole Pulice (they/them) is an electroacoustic saxophonist, improviser, and composer based in Oakland, California. Cole's work blends saxophone and wind synth with live signal processing for a deeply contemporary sound that opens up the surrealist sonic spaces between acoustic and digital worlds, playfully drifting between improvisation, modern composition, and experimentalism to explore themes of gender, emotion and technology, modes of memory, and sensations of time.

Bride is an experimental musician and sound artist, constructing allegorical tales within harsh and dissonant environments, often enchanting terror and warmth in chorus. They have released on labels such as Psychic Liberation, Mindseyerecords, Post Hoc and Evo Natura. Their continued exploration of the allure of the uncanny takes shape through solo productions, their record label Alloy Choir and radio residency Heathen Earth on HKCR.


Saturday, March 30
Doors: 7 pm  / Start: 8 pm