Kelly Moran + Laurén Maria

silent green presents

New York-based composer and producer Kelly Moran transcends the traditional and classically-influenced way of thinking about the piano and explores contemporary, experimental approaches. Moran's complex pieces can be described as classical, experimental, avant-garde and metal.

With her debut album Bloodroot (2017), she released one of the most prominent experimental records of the year and landed on numerous end-of-year lists. Since then, Moran has collaborated with visionary artists such as FKA Twigs as live pianist, Yves Tumor, Kelsey Lu and The Avalanches. With Ultraviolet (2018), she transformed compositions on prepared piano into new worlds with the piano at the center.
Her latest album Moves in the Field (March 2024, Warp Records) is a departure from Moran's previous works and the prepared piano techniques which defined them, and portrays her in a compositional school all her own. Composed in an era of isolation and meditation on human and technical limitations, the album presents itself as a personal, exuberant work of humanity versus the machine and technicality versus musicality, gliding between two worlds with elegance and a balanced mastery. Moves in the Field is a series of duets for Moran and her Yamaha Disklavier – a technologically advanced version of a player piano. Able to perfectly replicate humanlike playing through intense fine-tuning and programmable dynamics, the Disklaviers used act as a foil to Moran's own striving for a balance of technical perfection and emotional expression in her performances and compositions. Moves in the Field will undoubtedly cement Kelly Moran as one of young modern music's greats.

Support: Laurén Maria
Laurén Maria is primarily engaged in crafting electronic and experimental ambient soundscapes, employing deconstruction and reconstruction techniques, with her voice serving as her most instinctive form of expression. In her musical spheres, or in the realms of her life at large, Laurén Maria dances with her surrounding not in an external way, but in one which seems to be felt internally, to herself at least, communicating through her voice & organic sounds often electronically modified.Her debut album Leaves Falling Beyond The Sky was released in August 2023 and has, to her personally, marked a moment of an everlasting beginning to be in actual, truthful communication with the external world.


Thursday, April 18
Doors: 7 pm / Start: 8 pm