Mayssa Jallad + ronja

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Mayssa Jallad is a Beirut-based bilingual singer-songwriter, architectural researcher and teacher, born in 1990. Her work deals with the highly personal as well as the political, as with her first solo album Marjaa: The Battle of the Hotels, which explores the histories of urban battles that occurred before she was born, during the Lebanese Civil War, through a collaborative musical and architectural lens.

Marjaa: The Battle of the Hotels is an album born of the singer and songwriter two vocations: music and architecture. Written in collaboration with producer Fadi Tabbal, the songs recount the 1975 "Battle of the Hotels"  where opposing factions fought over the hotel district seeking to dominate the city's architectural heights. The outcome of the battle determined the East-West demarcation line that separated the town for over 15 years; A violent divide that still resonates to this day in Lebanese culture. Mayssa’s music caters to post-war youth who have never been taught this difficult history. It is also a call to protest for the renewal, rather than the recycling, of the political class that holds the population hostage of its historical violence.

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On For Annette (2023) singer-songwriter ronja summons forth a certain unbridgeable void within our existence and the acceptance of the deafening silence that comes with it. Weaving the strands of her previous release something about us with multiple openings towards more abstract territory, this 5-track EP marks her debut under the forward-thinking Unguarded label, astutely situating her music well beyond the confines of the genre.

Saturday, April 27
Doors: 7 pm / Start: 8 pm