Princess Diana of Wales + èvia

silent green presents

The London-based Australian musician Laila Sakini steps out from behind the disguise of Princess Diana of Wales. As Princess Diana Of Wales, Sakini finds a contemplative and opaque downstroke. Her otherworldly vocals are translated through webs of reverb into an ephemeral vocal style. The vocals seem to drift effortlessly, like the sound of a person coming to terms with themselves.

Underneath, heavy instrumentation, a low-pitched guitar, soft, clicking percussion, layered vocals and found sounds. In addition, a hyperventilating harmonica on a bass foundation and breakbeats with the intensity of a swelling sound system, with vocals in a high register that are as stretched as they are manipulated. Diana offers many clues, but no easy answers.

New Zealand born artist èvia have released music via Lillerne tapes, and recently launched a label and event series named sair. Their music reinterprets the physical and sonic effects of atmospheric weather conditions, and the way it modulates an environment. The window, often separating us from weather conditions, is imagined as a lens, a mirror, and a frame, for the evolving states between, within, and outside the self, and an outer environment.


Saturday, 18. May
Doors 7 pm / Start 8 pm