El Perro del Mar

El Perro del Mar is the alter ego of Swedish singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer Sarah Assbring, who is one of the most fascinating pop artists of our time. Named after a stray dog she once encountered on a Spanish beach, El Perro del Mar released her first music back in 2005, which inspired people all over the world, even David Bowie. She won awards, toured internationally with artists such as Lykke Li and José González and yet somehow always kept to herself.

El Perro del Mar has always made music with passion and dedication, with an open heart and mind, wild and independent. On her new album Big Anonymous (2024, City Slang), she now visits the places where people are normally reluctant to go voluntarily: It's dark, dusky, moody, there are conversations with the dead, reflections on her own mortality. Big Anonymous is simply magnificent, a dark, glittering masterpiece that casts an inexplicable spell over you. And in the end, despite all the gloom, it is perhaps even uplifting. For her in any case.

Why all this? After losing too many family members over the years, Sarah was haunted by a grief that wouldn't go away. She felt guilty for being alive and, at the same time, was constantly aware of her own mortality.


Tuesday, May 21
Doors: 7 pm / Start: 8 pm