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Enji's third album, Ulaan, opens with a stark reminder of her humanity as she declares, "I am Ulaan" in her native Mongolian, a term affectionately given by her family.

Throughout the album, Enji explores affirming expressions of herself, building on the jazz, folk, and Mongolian influences from her previous work. Enji's vocals soar to new heights, matching the band's exploration. Each song, inspired by moments of spontaneity and personal experiences, showcases Enji's evolving self-discovery. Whether evoking dreams, capturing breathtaking views, or recounting village visits, her storytelling unfolds through rhythmic Mongolian melodies, highlighting her growth as a vocalist, bandleader, and storyteller.

With guitarist and co-composer Paul Brändle and River Adomeit on bass, Enji is embarking on her first tour through Europe, leaving behind memorable moments of quietude and strength.

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Tuesday, May 28
Doors 7 pm / Start 8 pm