Music Women* Germany

The umbrella organization Music Women* Germany invites you to the second national political conference on June 5, 2024 under the title Gender Equality Now - Wege zur geschlechtergerechten Musikbranche! The conference offers a platform for open dialog and aims to discuss strategies to strengthen FLINTA* in the music industry. Music professionals, industry experts and political decision-makers are invited to discuss ways to achieve greater gender equality in the music industry.

The program includes keynotes, panel discussions, networking sessions and workshops. Topics such as the 20-point action plan, working conditions of FLINTA* in music, equal opportunities, diversity and the effects of abuse of power and technologization will be in focus. Special emphasis is placed on closing the gender pay gap, family-friendly working and AI as an opportunity or risk for greater gender equality.

Music Women* Germany looks forward to welcoming a diverse audience to promote gender equality in the music industry. All genders are invited.

The conference will be followed by a MW*G summer reception in the MARS garden.

Wendnesday, June 5.
admission free