Now Wave: Beth B - Glowing | Opening | Concert: Jim Coleman & Chris Spencer

Now Wave: Beth B – Glowing

This concert premieres the ambient noise project of Jim Coleman and Chris Spencer. Utilizing guitar, bass, electronics and various treated acoustic instruments, sonic landscapes are created unique to the specific performance and site. The two musicians met in the late ‘80s in NYC, and their seminal bands (Unsane and Cop Shoot Cop) were instrumental in defining the sound and spirit of NYC through the mid ‘90s. Their noise rock band Human Impact's debut album was released in March 2020, and their third album entitled Gone Dark will be released in October 2024. Human Impact provides a dark mirror held up to the band’s collective pre-history – the sound and story of Unsane, Cop Shoot Cop, and pre-corporatized New York City itself. 


Welcoming address by Beth B und silent green
Concert: Jim Coleman & Chris Spencer

Thursday, August 15
Doors: 6.30 pm
Start: 7 pm

free admission

15-25.8. Exhibition I Betonhalle
Opening hours: Mo-Fri, 2pm-8pm / Sat-Sun, 11am-8pm,
free admission
Special opening hours: Sat, 24.8., 11am-2pm (as part of the silent green summer festival)