Women’s Short Film Programme | Guests: Emma Swider, Beth B

Now Wave: Beth B – Glowing

Films by Ida May Park, Martha Rosler, Chantal Akerman, Barbara Hammer, Tessa Hughes-Freeland, Emma Swider, Beth B, Richard Kern, Otoboke Beaver


1918 / 16 mins / U.S. / OV / Ida May Park

Bread is a silent-era title found buried under the frozen ground in 1978 in Dawson City, Canada. A hundred years before #MeToo, Ida May Park, formerly also a theater actress, wrote and directed this socially-conscious drama about a powerful man abusing his status by sexually assaulting, harassing, and exploiting women on the ‘casting couch’.


Semiotics of the Kitchen
1975 / 6.33 mins / U.S. / OV / Martha Rosler

A woman stands in a kitchen surrounded by gadgets, picking up each of them and naming them alphabetically with precise, controlled, angry movements.


Saute Ma Ville
1968 / 13 mins / Belgium / OV with English subtitles. / Chantal Akerman

A young Chantal Akerman goes berserk in her kitchen and while singing, thrashes it: a choreographed amusing protest against household chores with May ‘68 undertones.


1974 / 3.15 mins / U.S. / OV / Barbara Hammer

Women act out their own dramas in a red-filtered ritual of mutual bonding. A wry comedy on the ironic aspects of menstruation.


Play Boy
1984 / 9 mins / U.S. / OV / Tessa Hughes-Freeland

An experimental film spliced together from the detritus of early 1980s Times Square porn and pawn shops. Gritty, sensorial, and hypnotic.


The Marinn Company
2022 / 14 mins / U.S. / OV / Emma Swider

A damaged rental sex robot learns to defy her programming against her sadistic patron.


Calm Down
2020 / 2.40 mins / U.S. / OV / Beth B

Lydia Lunch’s scathing and succinct rant about the violence that women face on a daily basis.


Sewing Circle
1992 / 7 mins / U.S. / OV / Richard Kern

Performance artist Kembra Pfahler invited a camera to witness one of her most radical and angry gestures: sewing her vagina shut.


Don’t Light My Fire
2019 / 2.25 mins / U.S. / OV / Otoboke Beaver

Japanese punk rock group Otoboke Beaver is a female quartet from Japan. This video illustrates a song that stems from their penultimate album Itekoma Hits.

Guests: Emma Swider, Beth B


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