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1989 / 13 mins / U.S. / OV / Beth B, Ida Applebroog

The award-winning Belladonna, co-directed with artist Ida Applebroog, is a disturbing composite-drawing of the face of violence in our society, establishing its linkages to family, culture and, ultimately, social organization. A number of somber talking heads frankly describe their most personal and perverse attitudes on sex, violence and other family matters. The actors recite lines from horrifying, but authentic texts drawn from the words of Joel Steinberg, the New York lawyer convicted of murdering his child in Greenwich Village; excerpts from Sigmund Freud’s essay "A Child is Being Beaten"; and texts by survivors of Dr. Josef Mengele's medical experiments at the Auschwitz concentration camp.


Call Her Applebroog
2016 / 70 mins / U.S. / OV / Beth B

Call Her Applebroog had its world premiere at MoMA’s Doc Fortnight on February 26, 2016. This deeply personal portrait of acclaimed New York–based artist Ida Applebroog was shot with mischievous reverence by her filmmaker daughter, Beth B. Born in the Bronx to Orthodox Jewish émigrés from Poland, Applebroog, now in her 80s, looks back at how she expressed herself through decades of drawings and paintings, as well as her private journals. With her daughter’s encouragement, she investigates the stranger that is her former self, a woman who found psychological and sexual liberation through art. As Beth B finds a deeper understanding of her mother as a human being, Applebroog shares a newfound appreciation for her own provocative work.

Introduction: Beth B


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