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Now Wave: Beth B – Glowing

High Heel Nights
1993 / 10.30 mins / U.S. / OV / Beth B

Intimate portraits of gay artists and drag performers talking about gender, identity and all the fine lines around it. The film is an important reminder that for us today drag queen performances are accepted in the mainstream, however there was a time when it was strictly underground.


Visiting Desire
1995 / 75 mins / U.S. / OV / Beth B

 Interested in exploring the boundaries of an individual and society itself, the film creates an exciting, playful and amusing psychological experiment in New York City in the mid-'90s. Bringing together a group of total strangers, locking them in a bedroom with cameras for five days, they were encouraged to act out their fantasies and desires. In this twisted version of Big Brother, the diverse group includes a black man, a white skinhead, a dominatrix, a dancer, a transexual and No Wave icon Lydia Lunch.


Sunday, August 18
8 pm


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15.–25.8. Exhibition I Betonhalle
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