Exposed: Film Screening | This Wilderness: Concert | Guest: Beth B

Now Wave: Beth B – Glowing

2013 / 78 mins / US / OV / Beth B

Beth B takes us into the 21st century underground and reveals a secret world where cutting-edge performers are taking hold of a taboo art form, Burlesque, and driving it to extremes that most people have never seen. It's satire. It's parody. It's a populist blend of art and entertainment that gives new meaning to the word "transgression”. Above all, it is mind-blowing fun and a fascinating depiction of personal liberation through art. EXPOSED looks at eight boundary-breaking burlesque stars who use their naked bodies as canvases. These cutting-edge artists combine politics, satire, and physical comedy to challenge the audience's notions of gender identity, disability, and sexuality. Starring Bambi the Mermaid, Bunny Love, Dirty Martini, Julie Atlas Muz, Mat Fraser, Rose Wood, Tigger! and World Famous *BOB*.


This Wilderness
Concert by This Wilderness (Jim Coleman, Robert O. Leaver, Phil Puleo)

This Wilderness is an electro-punk duo comprised of Human Impact/Cop Shoot Cop’s Jim Coleman and singer/performance artist Robert O. Leaver (Birdthrower, That’s Far Enough). They are joined frequently by Phil Puleo (Swans, Cop Shoot Cop, That’s Far Enough). Coleman creates minimalistic experimental electronic arrangements that leave plenty of breathing room for Leaver’s dark, emotionally charged vocals. Their debut album, Sorry About Tomorrow, exhibits a sense of gloom, but also a strong dose of humor. Coleman and Leaver bring their talents together flawlessly to create a catchy but utterly twisted sound. This Wilderness have self-released a full-length album as well as two EP’s. They have toured the United States, playing in art galleries, barren deserts and outlaw biker bars.


Tuesday, August 20
7 pm


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15.–25.8. Exhibition I Betonhalle
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