My first confidant was a garden | Performance: No Anger

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My first confidant was a garden
Performance by No Anger

Who is your confidant? Or perhaps there are several around you? To whom do you confide your secret fears and sorrows, your enthusiasms and silent joys? Is it a place, an object, a person? Do you talk to yourself? Do you whisper? Do you write to yourself? Or do you simply keep quiet and stand side by side, listening to each other's silence? Can a secret be fragmented, shared between several people, protected by several people? Do you think we can take back those parts of ourselves we've entrusted to others? Why would you reveal a secret? How would you reveal it? With modesty or effusion? With distance or emotion? Do you think the other person can steal what you've already given them? Once delivered, does a secret still belong to us?

During this performance, No Anger will break up a secret and hand out fragments to the audience. Voices from the audience will then carry the fragments, building up the mosaic in chorus.


Wednesday, August 21
7 pm

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