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Out of Sight/Out of Mind
1995 / 6 mins / U.S. / OV / Beth B

As an intense study of the physical, psychological and social breakdown of the human condition, the documentary questions a system that has lost its aspiration to reform while adding the television docudrama style of the late-20th century that drives our knowledge of accepted views of truth and morality. The video mixes historical newsreel footage of bizarre daredevils intercut with contemporary images of violence and television news footage about the real-life story of Eric Smith, a thirteen-year-old boy who killed a four-year-old child. He was tried as an adult and placed in prison instead of being put in a mental institution for treatment.


1991 / 40 mins / U.S. / OV / Beth B

Stigmata is a confessional and emotional documentary about drug abuse and people caught in its repetitive cycles. Six individuals of varying socio-economic backgrounds retrace their histories from childhood, through their dysfunctional family relationships and individual crises, all the way from addiction to recovery and revelations. Beth B re-enters these abusive and painful pasts, guiding the viewer through their struggle that re-emerges in newly found hope, optimism and confidence to continue their lives as much healthier individuals.


1991 / 10 mins / U.S. / OV / Beth B

In collaboration with legendary downtown performance artist/musician Lydia Lunch, Beth B creates a chilling yet poetic vision of despairing nihilism (literally, a "meditation on death"). In a hypnotic narrative, a beautiful young woman negotiates the banalities of life. In a mesmerizing voiceover which she composed, Lydia Lunch repeats "Annie get your gun", a warning of inevitable destruction.


Thursday, August 22
7.30 pm


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