Glowing | live film, performance & music event

Now Wave: Beth B – Glowing


Live performances by Nick Flynn, Robert O. Leaver, Little Annie, Vincent Dubuis
Live music by Jim Coleman with Vincent Dubuis, Phil Puleo, and Robert O. Leaver

Glowing is a cinematic and music event with several artists performing their personal stories onstage simultaneous to live music and multiple projections of the Glowing films. These risk-taking artists delve into intense life struggles with the intention to radically re-envision themselves. The stories are united by a quest to probe the obstacles that we – as individuals and as a society – place in the way of mind / body liberation. The artistry of melding text, music, cinematic visuals, and performance yields a series of films compelling and entertaining, while confrontational. They are kinetic and dynamic, while deeply reflective.

The universal stories of artists Nick Flynn, Little Annie, No Anger, Vincent Dubuis, Robert O. Leaver, and Evelyn Frantti confront perceptions and assumptions concerning heartache, disability, mental illness, and addiction alongside the live visceral music by Jim Coleman accompanied by Vincent Dubuis, Robert O. Leaver and Phil Puleo. Voicing the unheard and seeing the unseen are themes that have run through Beth B’s films, art, and installation work with an eye to creating dialogue, community, and a place for self-knowledge and acceptance.


Friday, August 23
9 pm


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15.–25.8. Exhibition I Betonhalle
Opening hours: Mo–Fri, 2 pm–8 pm / Sat–Sun, 11 am–8 pm,
free admission
Special opening hours: Sat, 24.8., 11 am–2 pm (as part of the silent green summer festival)