silent green summer festival 2024

Once again we are opening our doors and invite you to come and celebrate the summer with us. Some of silent green's tenants will introduce themselves and their work, you can explore the site and hear its history told, listen to music outside and inside, watch films and enjoy summer drinks and all kinds of treats from MARS I Café & Bar.

You also have the opportunity to view the exhibition Now Wave: Beth B – Glowing in the Betonhalle.


  •  Concerts by Blush Always, Wooly Aziz and Grossstadtkind & Frisch
  •  Summer short film programme for children by Kino Arsenal
  •  Guided tours
  •  Listening sessions with QOA and Primeiro
  •  Face painting and handicrafts for children


Blush Always
Katja Seiffert makes music out of conviction. With the passionate self-empowerment songs of Blush Always' first album You Deserve Romance, released in autumn 2023, she playfully adapted the sound of 90s indie rock for the here and now, not only relying on irresistible melodies and captivating intensity, but also sounding, unlike many of her peers, like an artist whose love of music is greater than the desire to become famous. With the follow-up An Ode To ?, released less than twelve months later, she remains true to herself, but subtly shifts the focus.
While the last album focussed on the pitfalls of romantic love and interpersonal relationships in all their often painful shades, Katja now asks herself the question, already implied in the album title, of who she is actually making music for, sheds light on the role of music in her life in several songs and questions her place in the music world - with a quite remarkable result. "I feel much better since I made the decision that I don't just want to make music in my life," she says about her decision to combine her career and vocation instead of putting all her eggs in one basket. When listening to the new songs, you can imagine that this has also rubbed off on her approach.

Grossstadtkind & Frisch
The German-speaking indie musician Grossstadtkind from Berlin is a new, up-and-coming voice in the modern music scene. With profound and realistic lyrics that capture the everyday emotional chaos and longing of life, Grossstadtkind is not only a gifted singer but also a talented songwriter. Her music is characterised by the authentic integration of guitar and piano, which creates an unmistakable sound in her productions. The songs reflect heartache, hope and the unvarnished side of life, without trying to retouch the unsavoury aspects. The honest and unfiltered realities of life are clearly recognisable in her songs and also in her cover aesthetics.

Wooly Aziz
Wooly Aziz is a solo, progressive R&B/Soul/Left-Field project by Jannat Sohail from Pakistan, also listed in the Alternative Power 100 Music List (2020) for Resilience and Adaptability. Best described as soulful and transcending borders with her atmospheric compositions and lyrical storytelling, Wooly Aziz is composing stories of love, war, and migration – particularly in her newly conceptualized album: Bluelight Moonlight. Aziz also delves into bass selections as her DJ alias AZIEZ, which began with the mentorship practice with Femme Bass Mafia in 2023.

Primeiro´s music transcends conventional boundaries, delving into the realms of ambient, hand-made trance, and beyond.
While his work may initially evoke a sense of tranquility akin to artists like Hiroshi Yoshimura, a closer examination reveals the intricate layers and meticulous arpegios.
In 2023, he released his first album, Music for Horses, with the Berlin-based label Danzee.

QOA utilizes listening as a means to attune to our surroundings and inner selves, focusing on the materiality of sound as a vibrational entity that occupies, moves through, and traverses the air. They create immersive listening experiences that engage the body. Their sound palette includes minimal frequencies, processed field recordings of natural environments, live sampling of acoustic objects like stones and branches, spoken word, synthesis, and rhythmic spectral convolutions. This diverse array of sounds crafts an expansive auditory experience, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in a state of floating time.


Saturday, August 24
Entire site
2–8 pm
Admission free