Koaxula pres. Deslenguadas

silent green presents

Koaxula is a collaborative sound activation and performative project between Colombian artist Natalia Escobar and Mexican artist Daniela Huerta.

Deslenguadas, their debut piece, emerges from an analysis of "The Terrible Mother", which encapsulates the devouring, seductive, and poiscnous aspects personified bydeities associated  with the serpent, such as the Aztec Coatlicue and Tlazolteotl, as wellas the Embera JEFA.

During the performance, whips are utilized as sonic instruments, symbolizing the power of the serpent deities while challenging their historical association with oppressive systems.The supersonic effect or sonic boom of the whip evokes a futuristic quality, metaphorically allowing for transcendence beyond time, reshaping and distancing the deities from their historical connotations, and imbuing them with new meaning. Moving through the sonic energy of their whips, which allow the passage between different dimensions, Koaxula penetrates the serpent 's mouth, guarded by rows of dangerous teeth, a sort of 'Vagina Dentata'. They travel through six levels into the underworld, seeking the destructive and transformative forces, the sexual power and the word of severed tongues of various female entities that inhabit within. It is a return to the realm of the wild, a reconnection with their dark animal side and the buried power of the Great Ouroboric Mother.

Thursday, August 29
Doors 7 pm / Start 8 pm