Faun Fables (Dawn McCarthy & Nis Frykdahl, Drag City), Support: Franz Bargmann


Im Mai kommt eine der Urbands des Weird-Folk mit Vorbildfunktion für Künstler wie Devandra Banhart und Current 93 in die Kuppelhalle des silent green.

Dawn McCarthy, zuletzt auch auf gemeinsamer Platte mit Bonnie Prince Billy zu hören, mischt amerikanische mit europäischer Folklore, Performance-Elemente und alte akustische Instrumente zu einer ganz eigenen ausufernd psychedelischen Musik, voller Überlagerungen und verschlungener Harmonien.


“Light of a Vaster Dark is as provocative musically as it is thematically, with rhythms and choruses that swell and arrangements that are smart because they stay out of the way. It's a pop reinvention, if you will, for a band whose intentions have often been subsumed by their own ambitions.” --- Pitchfork

“McCarthy and Frykdahl deploy a dazzling array of folk sounds, drawing from Nordic, British, and American traditions with a rock flavor and kaleidoscopic timbre rooted in rich, detailed arrangements. McCarthy summons the spirit of 70s British folk-rock without the florid melodic embroidery and only subtle vibrato.” ---Chicago Reader

“McCarthy’s songs engage both the fantastic and the mundane in their concerns, and the music plays with accepted notions of everything from Elizabethan folk and Eastern European modal traditions (the title track) to country rock ("Parade"). "On the Open Plains" uses a cacophony of tribal drums to carry otherwise a cappella voices across distances of time and space.”—All Music Guide

“It might’ve been enough for Faun Fables to bear up McCarthy’s commanding theatricality on this album. Instead, it has a surplus of ideas that only make Light feel more purposeful.” – The A.V. Club

Einlass: 20:27 (Vollmond Aufgang), Beginn: 21.15

FRANZ BARGMANN (Michael Rother, ex-CAMERA)
Faun Fables

Eintritt: 15€