Opening: Edit Film Culture! A Concert!

Susanne Sachsse & Gina D'Orio, Special Guest: Jonas Mekas

The Edit Film Culture! festival begins with the opening of an exhibition and installation in the spaces of Savvy Contemporary. The exhibition, curated by the Edit Film Culture! team, is dedicated to the publication and design history of Film Culture magazine and addresses its satellite organizations in the areas of North American avant-garde film. The multi-channel video installation “United Screens” by musician and journalist Kamila Metwaly (Cairo/Berlin) and curator Abhishek Nilamber (Berlin) features interviews with numerous figures from independent film scenes across India about production, distribution and exhibition strategies.

Artist Ale Bachlechner (Cologne) will give a brief performance inspired by select texts from Film Culture. She will intervene each day in the festival with short performances.  

In a raucous opening night concert, actress Susanne Sachsse (Berlin) teams up with musician Gina D'Orio (Berlin). Sachsse and D'Orio mined the 79 issues of Film Culture for texts and text fragments by or about women and queers that could serve as song lyrics. They will be backed by Robin Behling and Anton Garber of the legendary Berlin-based band Puff!.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Jonas Mekas had to cancel his attendance for health reasonst. He will joins us via video/skype on various accasions.

Entrance Free