Hero, Alexandre Rockwell, 101’, USA / FRG, ZDF 1.12.1983, OV with German subtitles

What and who can be a family? As far back as 1983, Alexandre Rockwell poses this highly relevant question in his road movie about 15-year-old Paul and his companions Kim and Mika. Paul – a child with no origins – lives in reality with a disability and in his fantasy as a hero. Taxi driver Kim is of Mexican descent, crane driver Mika of Japanese descent, and the two women are a couple. The film was made entirely with lay persons. “The team and I moved from a densely populated city to the desert,” Rockwell writes. “I am sure that for each one of us the moments of poetry and truth were indistinguishable.” The desert becomes a place between reality and fantasy, where the three of them can become a family, which society denies them.

Alexandre Rockwell (*1956) is an American film director and a representative of American Independent Cinema. His partly autobiographical feature films screened in Berlin and Sundance, where he won the Grand Jury Prize for In the Soup (1992). Hero (1983) was made for Das kleine Fernsehspiel, and also screened in the Berlinale Forum just like Lenz (1981).