Angelika Levi: My Life Part 2 (Mein Leben Teil 2)

My Life Part 2 (Mein Leben Teil 2), Angelika Levi, 90’, Germany, ZDF 19.5.2003, Original German version

An autobiographical film as contemporary archival practice. In exploring her mother’s legacy, the director Angelika Levi manages to make a film that is as personal as it is political and feminist about second generation Jewish-German identity after the Holocaust. “My film is an attempt to tell what was told and not told in my family, using objects, photos, audio and video material,” the director writes, also taking into account her own position. “The film is about trauma and at the same time about how history can be produced, archived, brought into conversations and categorised both at the macro and microlevel, and how I continued to collect so that I could tell a story.”

Angelika Levi (*1961) is a German film director, cinematographer and video artist. After shorter autobiographical film essays, she made her first feature-length films My Life Part 2 (2003) in collaboration with Das kleine Fernsehspiel, which premiered in the Berlinale and received international acclaim. Her second work for the editorial department was Absent Present (2010). In 2021, her short film Ahorita Frames was shown in the Berlinale Forum Expanded. Her installations have been presented in theatres and cultural institutions, including the House of World Cultures.