Sarah Blaßkiewitz: Precious Ive (Ivie wie Ivie)

Precious Ivie (Ivie wie Ivie), Sarah Blaßiewitz, 109‘, Germany, ZDF 10.8.2022, Original German version

Racism not only makes you angry, it also makes you lonely. This is what is experienced by the young teacher Ivie from Leipzig, who had little reason to care about her Afro-German descent until her half-sister from Berlin shows up and tells her that their father in Senegal is dying. Director Sarah Blaßkiewitz narrates this story as a film intervention: “There have never actually been two Afro-German women as protagonists in a German film before.” A film aimed at a young audience that experiences diversity as normal and not as an exception. The Schulkinowochen (School Film Festival) 2023 text states: “Many small observations form an impactful narrative that breaks stereotypes productively, reveals the different perspectives of those affected by racism and accompanies strong characters on their path to self-determination.”

Sarah Blaßkiewitz (*1986) is a German director and scriptwriter. After her initial experience as an actress, she switched to directing and made short films before directing her feature film debut Precious Ivie (2022). The film ran successfully at festivals in Germany and abroad and won several awards. As director, she subsequently shot three episodes of the series Sam - A Saxon (2023) for Disney+.