Yeşim Ustaoğlu: Journey To The Sun (Güneşe Yolculuk)

Journey to The Sun (Güneşe Yolculuk), Yeşim Ustaoğlu, 105’, Germany / Netherlands / Turkey, ZDF 27.3.2000, OV with German subtitles

Istanbul: A football match by the Turkish national team is on television. In the flush of victory, the crowd attacks a car driver. This is the moment when Mehmet, a young Turk, and Berzan, a Kurdish activist, meet. His friendship with Berzan exposes the naive Mehmet to prison and torture. When Berzan is shot, he sets off by himself with the coffin on a journey to the destroyed Kurdish hinterland. Ustaoğlu finds strong images for her story: “The system dictates and defines how people should live, I wanted to take a stand against that. The conflicts of the world do not affect everyone. Consequently, those unaffected aren’t interested in these problems. When they walk down the streets, they look straight ahead and not down at the puddle on the pavement, which may reflect other aspects of life.”

Yeşim Ustaoğlu (*1960) is a Turkish film director. She initially worked as an architect and journalist before she made her first feature film in 1994. Her other works have been screened in Berlin, Istanbul, Sundance and San Sebastian and won many awards. In cooperation with Das kleine Fernsehspiel, she made the award- winning drama Journey to The Sun (1999).