ZDF editorial team on site

As part of an editorial pop-up, members of the editorial team of the Kleines Fernsehspiel will be available for talks during the festival period, introduce the work of the editorial team and present various aspects and priorities of the programme.


Open Doors

From 20.–24.11. members of the editorial team will be in Ateliers 4 and 5 every day between 10 am and 12 pm and invite interested people to drop by for questions and talks. Without registration


At 4 pm each day, the editorial team will present individual focal points of their work as part of a series of talks in the TV Studio in the Betonhalle.


Workshop Discussions

20.11., 4 pm Registration here
How to DKF (Das kleine Fernsehspiel)
We discover young talent and work with them from their first to at most their third film project. For film students, their graduation film is often their first collaboration with Das kleine Fernsehspiel. But self-taught filmmakers and lateral entrants are also welcome. The spectrum ranges from feature films to hybrid forms and documentaries.
What we do, how we do it – and especially how to apply to us – in this workshop, Loren Müller and Jörg Schneider from the editorial team reveal everything you need to know.

21.11., 4 pm Registration here
International Feature Film Co-Productions at the DKF (Das kleine Fernsehspiel)
For 60 years, transnational storytelling has played a vital role at Das kleine Fernsehspiel. By means of two current feature film projects, we discuss editorial goals and directions as well as production conditions for international projects.
Mo Harawe’s film Village Next to Paradise is set in a village in Somalia: When the village school closes, a gravedigger risks everything to keep his son in school. We converse with producer Nicole Gerhards on the background and status of the production.
Producer and cameraman Juan Sarmiento reports on the preparations and plans for shooting Simón Mesa Soto’s film Un Poeta in Colombia. The script is about a failed poet’s attempt to regain attention and prestige through a talented young girl, which results in a tragicomical journey through the social classes of Medellín.

22.11., 4 pm Registration here
The essayistic-experimental documentary film in the DKF (Das kleine Fernsehspiel)

Films that explore documentary forms and experiment with film language have been and continue to be developed in the editorial department of Das kleine Fernsehspiel. We talk to the makers of two projects with essayistic approaches about their work and the goals of these approaches.
Störung is an experimental documentary by Constantin Hatz that deals with his best friend’s suicide. In five episodes, Hatz puts his friend’s autobiographical thoughts into a film plot.
In their hybrid documentary Siren’s Call, Miri Gossing and Lina Sieckmann examine utopian concepts of alternative life realities based on the subculture of “real life mermaiding”, people dressing up as mermaids for political reasons.

23.11., 4 pm Registration here
The DKF (Das kleine Fernsehspiel) as a laboratory for technical and narrative innovation

Das kleine Fernsehspiel’s editorial department promotes formal, content-related and technical innovations. Editors and producers report on their experiences with their current and ongoing productions.
With Doppelhaushälfte – Meta, a complete episode of a fictional German series was filmed in the metaverse for the first time. Experts from the production and editorial teams give exclusive insights into the experience.
The experimental multimedia project Das KI-Manifest explores the extent to which we can cooperate with AI in creative processes in the future. Dialogue with representatives of the film and media industry is being sought in the current project. The team presents the latest developments

24.11., 4 pm Registration here
The DKF (Das kleine Fernsehspiel) and serial storytelling
For the Mediathek, ZDFneo and the main programme: Young talent from Das kleine Fernsehspiel goes serial. We present three of these projects:
In the drama series Füxe, the young student Adem Kameri conceals his Kosovar origins in order to get a cheap room in a traditional fraternity. There he is offered the chance to move up in society, but the price is high.
The comedy series Fett & Fett portraits young city dwellers’ attitude to life between being driven and being adrift.
The second season of the ZDF sadcom Lu von Loser started in summer and bears a strong handwriting, namely that of producer, author, director and leading actress Alice Gruia.