Was anderes machen (The Home and the Movie)| Exhibition

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The archives of the public broadcaster do not contain only official history. Critical, contradictory and dissenting positions can also be found there, depicting (media) history not as a narrative of domination, but as a mesh of contradictory historical narratives that resonate in the respective present. Editorial departments like Das kleine Fernsehspiel have been working for decades to sharpen our view and contribute to an informed perspective that reveals the complicated circumstances of our reality in all their diversity.

The archives are still closed to wider usage, but their digitisation is largely complete. Models of future archival practice are needed to make their contents accessible to a diverse public. Building a “library of images”
(Harun Farocki, 1975) also means developing a curatorial architecture. This should not happen behind closed editorial doors, but – and this is a general demand for the public media practice of the future – in an open, social discourse.

With the exhibition of Was Anderes Machen (The Home and the Movie), we are opening up the archive, an archive comprising the many hundreds of films made with the support of the ZDF editorial department Das kleine Fernsehspiel. At six viewing stations in the Betonhalle, we are screening a total of 66 films from six decades of film history – works of political, poetic, innovative world cinema as a curated TV programme. The films can be watched individually and in parallel and offer the possibility of gaining one’s very own perspective on 60 years of independent film history. In addition, we offer research stations, podcasts and a Cinema on Demand option (via a registration link all the films can be booked for a fixed time). In keeping with the “Living Archive” principle practised by Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art, a social and transnational discursive space is hereby created to address urgent questions of the present day.

Films of the exhibition

Timetable film screenings

Podcasts of the exhibition

Cinema on Demand  Registration here
With the additional Cinema on Demand option, we would like to give groups of 5 or more and up to 40 people the opportunity to book the studio cinema in the Betonhalle for a joint viewing. One of the 66 films from the exhibition can be selected for each group.
There are currently places available for the following time slots that have already been booked by a group:
Monday, 20.11.; 7 pm: Ivie wie Ivie (Sarah Blaßkiewitz)
Tuesday, 21.11., 2 pm: Madonnen (Maria Speth)


Thursday, 16 –  Sunday, 26. November
Opening: Thu.16.11., 7 pm / Doors: 6.30 pm
Opening hours:
Thu 16.11. 7 pm–10 pm
Fri 17.11. 2 pm–10 pm
Sat 18.11. 10am–11 pm

Sun 19.11. 10 am–10 pm
Mon 20.11.–Fri 24.11. 2 pm–10 pm
Sat 25.11. 2 pm–7 pm
Sun 26.11.10 am–10 pm
The exhibition is free of charge.

Cinema on Demand
18.–26.11. 2 pm, 4.30 pm, 7 pm
25.11. 2 pm, 4.30 pm

Registration here